Physiotherapist is a professional, who treats people suffering from various physical injuries, such as car accident or falling injuries, injuries as a result of a stroke or myocardial infarction, etc.. Physiotherapist uses the knowledge and professional tools to rehabilitate and heal the patients, using training, movement and exercising methods.

Physiotherapy is suitable for patients of all ages, suffering from various physical damages caused by various reasons, such as injury, illness or erosion. The purpose of physiotherapy is to try and improve body functions and prevent pain.

Physiotherapy treatments are carried out by using various methods and techniques, for example: massage, exercising using different accessories and advanced equipment.

When it comes to physiotherapy for the elderly people, who receive nursing care, leaving the house is a difficult and complex task. To avoid this burden and make it easier for the patient, Dalia Deutch, an experienced professional physiotherapist, provides home physiotherapy treatments for patients in Petah Tikva. Dalia Deutch brings all the necessary equipment to the patient's home, in order to perform physiotherapeutic exercises, allowing maximum comfort for the patient and his family members.

My name is Dalia Deutch. I'm a physiotherapist, working in Petach Tikva, specializing in the fields of geriatrics and orthopedics with over 30 years of experience. I have an extensive experience with hospitals, nursing centers and home visits. Currently, I manage a physiotherapeutic service in a big nursing center. I use advanced medical equipment, which helps to strengthen and release the muscles, reduce pain and more. If your father has difficulty walking, or your mother cannot go down the stairs – I can help. I visit the patient at his home, hotel or hospital, during the hours the patient finds convenient, and provide medical treatment with a lot of patience and personal attention.